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By Nanette On December 27th, 2015

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My little water skier

By Nanette On August 18th, 2013

So proud of lily for doing something she was a little scared to do. I’m testing out posting from my phone.




S’Mores night

By Nanette On August 18th, 2013

The Waltmans and Morgan and Ethan came over tonight for some s’mores. It was really nice sitting around a fire in 100 degree weather.

It was fun visiting with Emily and Tyler. Crazy that they’ll have a new baby soon!

Lily discovered the opened bag of marshmallows sitting on a chair. I think she probably ate 50 marshmallows before I realized that she had unlimited access. That girl is so addicted to sugar.

photo 1-001

photo 1

photo 2-001

photo 3-001

photo 4

By Nanette On August 17th, 2013


I have been such a slacker when it comes to recording Nevie’s monthly milestones. In fact, I should be writing down everything that Lily says, because she is so hilarious lately.

April in (57) Pictures

By Nanette On May 7th, 2013

IMG_1779 IMG_1775 IMG_1769 IMG_1751 IMG_1745 IMG_1734-001 IMG_1732-001 IMG_1724 IMG_1711 IMG_1701 IMG_1698-001 IMG_1681-001 IMG_1676 IMG_1660  IMG_1643-001 IMG_1638 IMG_1637-001 IMG_1634 IMG_1608-001 IMG_1606-001 IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_1599-001 IMG_1596 IMG_1590 IMG_1586-001 IMG_1562 IMG_1553-001 IMG_1546-001 IMG_1530-001 IMG_1529-001 IMG_1522 IMG_1515-001 IMG_1504 IMG_1501 IMG_1495-001 IMG_1477 IMG_1459-001 IMG_1452 IMG_1451-001 IMG_1430 IMG_1426-001 IMG_1424-001 IMG_1411 IMG_1409-001 IMG_1408 IMG_1403-001 IMG_1397 IMG_1391 IMG_1388 IMG_1378 IMG_1376 IMG_1369 IMG_1361 IMG_1355 IMG_1347

Nevie’s (really long) birth story

By Nanette On April 14th, 2013

Like her older sister, Nevie was in no hurry to enter this world. I was induced 10 days past my due date with Lily; with Nevie I gave her two full weeks past her due date to come, and she still had to be forced out. I must have a very comfortable uterus. :)

I was again disappointed to be induced, because I really wanted to avoid pain medication, and I learned with Lily how insane Pitocin, the drug that is used to induce labor is. However, my midwife said that this time she could try breaking my water to induce labor rather than start me on Pitocin right away.

So, on Tuesday, April 2nd, I called St. Marks at 6am to see what time they wanted me to come in. I figured that they’d have me come in right away, but they said that they were busy, and to call back at 10. I was super bummed, but I tried to go back asleep. Then, at 7:30 I got a call from the hospital telling me to come in right away. I showered, ate a gigantic breakfast since I was only supposed to be on clear liquids at the hospital, and we headed in.

Kaydon, my midwife, was there waiting for me. (I told them I could be there in 20 minutes, but it took me an hour. Oops!) She broke my water pretty much right away, and then left me with my nurses. My 2 nurses were so amazing! Seriously. One of them, Hafsa, was from Somalia. Her name, Hafsa, means Lioness in Arabic, and she truly was! She took charge right away. She hooked me up to the monitors, but informed me that I was going to get up and walk as soon as they got a good heartrate reading from the baby. She wasn’t kidding about the walking! I think that by the end of they day, I’d walked between 3 and 4 miles.

As soon as she was happy with the baby’s heartrate, Hafsa sent me out walking. Jared and I walked for about an hour along 11th east, and then returned to the hospital. Hafsa checked me, and I’d dilated about a centimeter on my walk. So, she hooked me up to the monitors, and said that again, as soon as they’d had a good period of heartrate readings from the baby, she’d send me back out to walk. Unfortunately, Nevie wasn’t cooperating. Her heart rate was really flat, and so we tried everything possible to get her to respond. They pumped me full of sugar, gave me an IV, and put me on oxygen until her heartrate looked good. Finally Nevie responded well, and I was sent out to walk again.

On this walk, Jared came up with the ‘rock walk.’ It was awesome. There are landscaping boulders scattered around the hospital grounds. Every time I’d have a contraction, I’d find a rock and do a big lunge on the boulder. It was the perfect way to keep my mind off the pain, and made our walks really fun. I know it’s crazy, but I had such a good time going on all of our walks. It was a beautiful day, and it was nice just to be with Jared.

We walked for another hour, and returned to the hospital. Again, we went through the whole process of getting Nevie’s heartrate to respond, and then went back out on our walks. In between one of our walks, my mom brought me some Pho, and Jared a sandwich. Technically I was only supposed to eat clear liquids, but I may have cheated a bit…. We did the walk/monitor routine over and over until about 7:30 pm when it was getting dark. By that point I was dilated to about a 7. My contractions were intense and pretty close together, but totally manageable, and I was feeling great.

However, my midwife, Kaydon, was worried about Nevie. She didn’t want me to be in labor all night long since Nevie’s heart rate had been so unresponsive all day. To my dismay, she wanted to start me on Pitocin. I agreed, because I understood her concerns, but I was not excited. My contractions had been totally manageable all day, but from what I experienced with Lily, contractions on Pitocin were a totally different story.

She ordered Pitocin, only to find out that the hospital was out! It was so ridiculous  So, I had to wait for 2 hours for the hospital to make some more. While I was waiting I laid in bed and my doula, AnnaLaura gave me a foot massage. It was actually a really nice break. While I laid in bed, my contractions pretty much stopped. I was exhausted from all of the walking. My parents and Jared’s parents had arrived, and they came in and chatted with us.

Once the pitocin finally was ready, the nurse started me on a small dose, but nothing happened. She kept turning it up and up, but still, I wasn’t having contractions. I finally decided that I should get out of bed, since my body had responded so well to all of the walking. The second I stood up, I was slammed with a nasty contraction. It was totally different from the contractions I’d been having all day. It was more like getting pummeled by a giant ocean wave; my whole body felt it! As soon as I stood up, my contractions came fast and intensely. After about 20 minutes, I couldn’t stand up any longer, but I knew that if I laid down, things would slow down. So, I knelt on the bottom half of the bed and rested my body on the top half. I stayed there for about an hour. The only thing that got me through those contractions was having Jared and AnnaLaura press on my hips. They’d push on my hips through each contraction, and then I’d collapse onto the bed and wait for the next contraction to hit.

After about an hour, I was so sick of the whole thing. I was nauseated, dying of heat, and really hated the ugly contractions. I didn’t know if my body was ready or not, but I decided to start pushing just to get everything over with. That took things to a different level. Things are sort of fuzzy from that point on; all I really remember is a foam covered handle on the bottom of the bed that I was squeezing as hard as I could. Jared is probably lucky that I wasn’t holding onto his hand; I’m pretty sure I’d have broken it! :) After about 10 minutes of pushing, I was so ready to be done. I was in so much pain, and I was completely exhausted. Apparently I started yelling to my midwife “just pull her out of me. Just pull her out!” I was sick of being in labor, and felt like it was somebody else’s turn. After about 10 more minutes, she was finally born. Apparently Nevie’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck twice and her back once, and that’s why it took so long to push her out. It’s also the reason that her heartrate had been so sluggish all day. It’s a good thing I wasn’t in labor all night!

After she was born, I just collapsed on the bed. I had no energy left! By the time Nevie was suctioned and ready to be held, I had managed to roll back over. The crazy thing was how quiet she was! When Lily was born, she screamed and screamed at the top of her lungs. Nevie hardly made a peep! Jared and I kept asking if she was alright; we were concerned that she was so calm!

It was amazing to hold tiny little Nevie; and a little terrifying at the same time. It was unbelievable how little she was! Even though she was 2 weeks past her due date, she was only 6lbs 6oz; smaller than Lily! We enjoyed a few minutes with just the 3 of us, and then my parents and Jared’s parents came in to meet their newest grandchild.

Me and Hafsa.


On my second walk, I had to pee in the bushes!


Doing the ‘rock walk.’


Jared getting some work in between walks


Our first few minutes with baby Nevie!








Brazil: Salvador

By Nanette On February 24th, 2013

When we decided to go to Brazil, we knew we’d visit Sao Paulo and Rio, but wanted to go one other place. Deciding on the 3rd place was SO hard for some reason. We considered the Amazon, Iguazu Falls, and a place called the ‘Pantanal,’ all world famous locations. The problem, however, was that we only had 3 days to spend in our 3rd destination, and all of those places required a bit of travel time. We decided to choose a ‘beachy’ destination. I was determined to find a beautiful, secluded beach with perfect surfing, cheap accommodations, and easy access. I then spent about 80 hours trying to find a place that met all of those requirements. I came to the conclusion that such a place doesn’t exist! So, instead of choosing a nice, secluded area, we chose to visit Salvador, the 3rd largest city in Brazil.  It did fit all of the other criteria, and I kept reading about how it is the cultural center of the country. Salvador is the port where all of the slaves arrived in the 1800’s, and so it has a really unique culture. The food was supposed to be amazing, there was a lot to see, there was surfing, and I found a nice hotel for a decent price. The highlight of Salvador was the day we spent on a cool island beach-ey place. The low-light was sitting in traffic for 3 hours and moving 2 miles.

I’ll start with the food, because obviously that’s the most important part:

This was a VERY expensive meal at a restaruant that our guidebook claimed was one of the best in Brazil. TOtal dissappoinment.


These two photos are from 2 of the most amazing meals of my life. Both were in totally out-of-the way, dumpy looking places, and both were pretty cheap:



I should really learn my lesson about expensive restaurants.

We had 2 1/2 days in Salvador. We spent one morning at the beach, and the afternoon in the city of Salvador. The second day we drove to ‘Praia do Forte,’ a touristy town north of Salvador. Don’t ever go there. The whole place was so fake! Every street sign had a visa logo below it. In fact, everything in the town was sponsored by either Visa or the big oil company in Brazil. It was really, really weird. We only stayed there for about an hour, and then drove a few miles north to a little village called Imbassai. Imbassai was the COOLEST place ever. We hung out on the beach for a few hours, and then had dinner at a shack on the beach that had the most amazing curry dish I’ve eaten.


That shack in the background is where that meal came from.


Running in Imabassai. I got alot of funny looks.


Jared bought me a pair of earrings and a bracelet from a really cool guy on the beach. The guy made me this keychain for free!


I don’t think I’d ever complain about cooking if my stove had this view. Interesting fact: that stove was gone when we crossed the bridge on our way back home.


I just wanted a picture of those two guys carrying the cooler, because I thought it was such a funny shot, but I had to pose so we didn’t look creepy taking their picture. Now it doesn’t seem as funny as it did at the time….


I’m writing this post totally backwards, because for some reason I started with the second day. Probably because that meal on the beach was one of the highlights of my life.

We stayed in a town called Itapua. It is about an 1 1/2 hrs north of the city of Salvador. (or 3 hours in traffic!) We stayed there to avoid the craziness of Salvador. It was a cute little town with alot of fishing. The unsettling thing was that every time I read about the Salvador area, there were so many warnings about not taking anything valuable, because muggings were so common. So, we don’t have a ton of pictures, because I didn’t want to take our camera and have it stolen. I usually ignore warnings like that, because I figure that they’re written for people who are paranoid. But, it was really weird how everybody told us how bad Salvador was! Luckily we never had any close calls (that I know of.) I did give some missionaries quite a scare though. I’ll write about that in a second. :)


Our morning relaxing in Itapua. It was SOOOO nice!



We headed to the city of Salvador for the afternoon. It was SUCH a cool city. It is really old, and had so much culture! I loved it.



I really loved these chairs at an outdoor cafe. They were so practical:






I am so obsessed with tourist markets. Salvador has a HUGE market that is really famous. I was in heaven. I don’t think Jared was in heaven….


In order to get to the lower half of Salvador, including the tourist market, you have to take this elevator. The elevator only holds like 30 people, so the line to the elevator gets SUPER long. One of the greatest parts about the trip was that I didn’t have to wait in one line. Not one! In Brazil, pregnant women are treated like they’re disabled. Normally this would bother me, but since it meant that I got to walk to the front of every line, I took full advantage. Sure, there was no real reason that I couldn’t wait in line like everybody else, but why would I pass up that opportunity?! It came in SO handy. We were there during the high season, and there were alot of really long lines. I couldn’t tell you how long though, because we never had to wait in any of them…… :)


While we were in the market, it started raining REALLY really hard. It was insane!!! After about an hour we decided just to make a mad dash for it. We were about a 20 minute walk from our car, but we didn’t know how long the rain would last, and we didn’t want to wait forever. We got completely soaked running to our car. The funniest thing happened right outside the market. We raced out into the rain, and I noticed some LDS missionaries in a little glass booth. I hopped into the booth to escape the rain and say ‘Hi.’ I didn’t realize until I’d walked in that it was a tiny ATM machine, and they were getting money out. I opened the door, hopped in, and said “Hi Elders!” They turned and looked at me with the most shocked, terrified looks. I’m sure with how quickly I jumped in they thought they were about to get robbed. What normal person jumps into an ATM booth when somebody else is getting money?! I realized pretty quickly why they looked so freaked out, and apologized. It was SO hilarious!

Here’s a view from the market into the rain storm. It was really impossible to capture how hard it was pouring!


Our dash through the rain was followed by the longest, most painful commute I’ve ever made. We were stuck in traffic for 3 hours trying to get back to Itapua. In 2 hours, we only made it like 2 miles. We were surrounded by buses and trucks, and got totally fumigated. It also didn’t help that our rental car was probably the crappiest car I’ve ever been in. It hardly ran! We were SO relieved to finally make it back to our hotel in Itapua.

Salvador was so awesome. I loved the food, the culture, the beach, the city, everything.

Lily’s Laceration

By Nanette On February 18th, 2013

We were at my parents’ house, who are out of town, dropping off their car and picking up some stuff. Jared was playing with Lily in my parents’ bedroom. Lily was running across the floor, tripped on the carpet, and went head first into the windowsill. All I heard from the other room was a huge ‘CRACK!’ a few seconds of silence, and then a huge cry. Poor Lily split her forehead open.

We took her to the instacare, but they told us that we should take her to Primary Children’s since it was a head wound, and they had the best surgeons there.

Lily, of course, was freaking out. She must’ve been in a ton of pain because she had a huge bruise on her nose as well. She had blood all over her face. It was pretty crazy. We got to Primary’s, and had to wait forever to even see a nurse. They put some numbing stuff on her cut, and then we waited a few more hours for the Dr to come stitch her up. Once they numbed her forehead, she calmed down and actually did pretty well.

We stayed in the room for the stitches, and it was crazy to watch the whole thing. They gave her some drug that didn’t totally put her under, but enough that she was pretty out of it. I was SO worried about how much she’d freak out when the drugs wore off, but for some reason, she was really, really happy. She loved sitting on her dad’s lap and playing with her animals.

It ended up being about a 5 hour ordeal, but overall, went really smoothly. Lily got SO spoiled afterwards. She got popsicles, and we took her to Smiths where she got to choose a special balloon. When we got home, she got to watch movies and eat popcorn. She might just have come out ahead with this whole experience!

Getting her stitches. She ended up getting 7.

Post-procedure delirium


Brazil: Sao Paulo

By Nanette On February 17th, 2013

We spent a day and a half exploring Sao Paulo. It’s a really cool city. The thing that I couldn’t believe was how EXPENSIVE everything was! I think half the pictures I took were of price tags, becuase I was in such shock. Thiago and Danielle held an amazing barbeque for us with both of their families.

It was fun exploring the city. It’s a pretty quiet place, and really pretty.

A really pretty park in the middle of the city.

It really wasn’t that hot. Jared is so dramatic.

Me and some buildings

Me and a church

Jared drinking pure sugar

$150 for a Thomas the Train set? Not bad….

The exchange rate is 2 to 1, so divide those numbers in half, and that’s how much they are in USD. Yes, little backpacks for $75. It was insane! I guess the most expensive McDonalds is in Sao Paulo. I used their bathroom. It was still really dirty.

Yes, a box of Lindt chocolate for $40. I told you I took alot of pictures of pricetags. This same grocery store also had a box of granola for $12. If I lived in Sao Paulo, I don’t think I’d eat.

Thiago and Danielle’s families got together for an amazing barbeque.

The meat was sooooo good.



Brazil: Days 1 and 2 (Sao Paulo)

By Nanette On February 17th, 2013

We spent our first 2 days in Brazil touring areas from Jared’s mission. I know if I rewrite a summary of each day, I’ll never blog anything from the trip if I have to write a summary of teach day, so I’m just going to past the summary that I wrote at the end of each day. Feel free to skip it. :)

Thiago was one of Jared’s companions, and he and his wife drove us around Sao Paulo for the first 3 days. They were so fun to be with, and were such generous hosts. The first 2 days of mission touring I spent countless hours listening to Portuguese and feeling totally lost.

Outside of a chapel in Campinas, where Jared served for 7 months. There was no chapel back in those olden days though.

Dinner with Antonia’s family

Why the fuzzy random picture? Because the little silver picture is a picture of Jared from his mission that Antonia had on her shelf of Jared. Pretty amazing!

View from the Campinas Temple with Danielle, Thaigo, Fernando, and his wife and son.

Campinas Temple

Jared and Thiago outside of the Campinas mission home. I got stuck in the bathroom there and an elder had to kick the door in.

We spent the first night there with Danielle’s brother who had a wood-fired oven and made the most amazing homemade pizza I have ever had. It was so good that I ignored the fact that I wasn’t supposed to eat unpasteurized cheese. I ate alot of unpasteurized cheese.

My ankles have never got swollen, but in Brazil, they went into hiding. Here is a very flattering picture:


Day 1:

we arrived at 8 am. the flight was pretty rough. It was an overnight flight, and Jared and i both had really crappy seats. the headrest things wouldn’t stay up. It was a really uncomfortable night! Danielle and Thiago met us at the airport, and took us directly to a market. We had some sandwiches; i think they were called mortadello? Probably like 20 pounds of meat on the sandwich. Jared got a cheese pastry thing with 20 pounds of cheese in it. We ate with another Brazilian couple, and a couple from the US that’s working down here. We walked around the market for a few minutes, and tried a bunch of fruit. It was so good!
After the market, we stopped at Danielle’s mom’s house, where they are living. We showered, and changed, and then got back in the car and drove to Campinas. I was so tired, and slept for most of the 1 hour drive. We drove to the Campinas temple and met Fernando and his wife and kid there. We walked around the temple, and then followed Fernando to his mom’s house in Campinas where we visited and ate some lunch. We stopped at the mission home and talked to some missionaries there. I got stuck in the bathroom, and one of the elder’s had to kick the door to open it. :)
We then drove to Artur Nogeira, a town where both Jared and Thiago served. We found their house, and then drove to the chapel where a ward party. We ate some food (more meat) and visited for awhile. Well, Jared and Thiago visited. I mostly just nodded and smiled. I thought that my Spanish would help more than it has. We drove around Artur Nogeira for awhile to find a guy that was a member when Jared and Thaigo were companions. We asked some people, and they said he was at church. So, we drove to like 3 different churches looking for him. Even though Artur Nogeira is small, there are a million churches. Like really, one on every corner. We found him at the 3rd church we tried. He was in the the middle of a service, but Thiago had them bring him out anyway. Thiago is hilarious; he’s fearless!
From Artur Nogeira we drove further west to Danielle’s brother’s house in Iracimapolis. He has a wood fired stove in his back yard! He was cooking the most amazing pizza. Holy cow. I ate way too much! Danielle’s brother is a lawyer, and had a bunch of friends over. They stayed awake singing until 4am. Our room was right over the plaza where they were singing, so it was a little hard to fall asleep.
Day 2:
We woke up way too early. I’ve been so tired! We  are the amazing fruit we bought a t the market and some nutella on bread for breakfast. We drove to campinas and went to church there. The bishop had Jared and Thiago bare their testimonies. It was really cool to see Jared up there. I had the hardest time staying awake during the meeting. It was ridiculous! I fell asleep at least 20 times!
There were quite a few people there who remembered him. One lady said he was brad pitt. :)
The moscaos that had lived in my parents’ ward were there, and we visited with them afterwards.

After sacrament meeting, we went to Fernando’s house where his mom had made us lunch. We had rice and beans, potatoes with cheese, salad, and pork for lunch, and a lime dessert with ice cream for dessert. I must say, Brazilians love their sugar! We stayed there for about 4 hours visiting. They had Jared’s mission picture framed on their shelf. It was pretty amazing! We were there for quite awhile, and Jared seemed to have a really good time visiting with people.

We left there, and drove back to São Paulo. On the way, we stopped at a restaurant where everything was made with corn. It was pretty hilarious to see an entire restaurant devoted to corn! They had some corn ice cream that was pretty good.  From there, we drove to the São Paulo temple. It is beautiful! We’re now at Thiago and Danielle’s. of course, they are having us sleep in their bed. They are so generous.